TokenPay - The World's Most Secure Coin on ICO at 100% Bonus

Since it has been announced on BitCoinTalk forum, I have been following the thread, checked the website, browsed through the whitepaper and lately checked the TPAY apps on Google Play Store. There are many ICOs nowadays that open their crowdfunding sale but only very few has started their development. Some even do not have a whitepaper to present or a simple website.

Based on the roadmap and presentations of TokenPay on various social media accounts they have, part of the current team had been working on TPAY project since the  4th quarter of 2015. In fact, as early as 2010, there was already a group working on a startup called TokenPay and the mission was clear. TokenPay wanted to provide a secure and anonymous way for a consumer to pay a merchant by credit card.  Due to many factors, it was only in late 2016 that the project TokenPay took off and now is on its ICO stage. 

Reading through the whitepaper, TokenPay was compared to the leading crypto coins in the market today including…

SPHERE - Decentralized Social Network Where You Can Be Compensated

If you can get compensated for using a social network, posting and networking with friends, would you join? I would.

Check out SPHERE. It's initial offer of compensating users is FREE 100 SAT TOKENS worth $100  WHEN YOU SIGN UP and VERIFY YOUR EMAIL. When a friend signs up using your unique link, you also get 100 tokens. It's PURPOSE is to become the largest and most trusted decentralized social network in the world.


SAT is a digital currency designed to be used within Sphere – a new, private, and secure social media platform that offers an integrated, decentralized market, complete with its own advertising platform. It is an in-system tokens to be used by consumers throughout the system in order to facilitate transactions within the social network. SAT tokens are crafted in such a way that the entire process is secure yet transparent. This process leads to a greater sense of trust within the system Social Activity Token (SAT…

Ethereum Ultimate - Buy and Sell Goods with Crypto-currencies.

There are many ICOs now but here is an ERC-20 based token created under Ethereum's blockchain, thus, inheriting and provides Ethereum's features, Ethereum Ultimate?


Ethereum Ultimate is a decentralized token project that aims for mainstreaminization of crypto-currencies. Unlike other crypto-currencies Ethereum Ultimate is created for people that wanted to buy and sell goods with crypto-currencies.

Our goal is creating a token that you can use for buying or selling goods. With the environment that Ethereum smart contracts provide to us, there will be a  safety area that protects both sides in their transactions, buyer and the seller. No nasty chargebacks for the sellers and identity protection for the buyer side. We wanted to keep our project simple enough to be understood by everyone and therefore we didn't want to bother anyone with unnecessary information.


Token Name: Ethereum Ultimate
Token Symbol: ETHUT
Decimals: 18
Contract Adre…

DutyCoin - Cryptocurrency for Duty Free Shoppers

Having traveled outside of the country, I can easily compare how duty free shops differ and how people who travel from one country to another shop before and after their flights. Some travelers especially one-time traveler usually spend the remaining coins or paper bills of the country they visit at the airport's duty free shops. The duty free shops daily activities are like malls on sale with so much shoppers 24/7.

I myself spent my last coins for buying chocolates though I know there are many chocolates here. I bought because I don't want to keep the coins which I can't spend in my home country and which will be of lesser value than when I bought it if exchanged.

But what if a blockchain can be utilized such that a token or a coin like DutyCoin can be used at any duty free shops without having to purchase  a foreign currency? This will eliminate the many exchange transaction fees and the hassle of providing personal information to the bank or the exchange shop.

WHAT IS … - Innovative New Blockchain Trading Platform

Trading since the beginning of time has been a lucrative source of income. It is a 24/7 market where one can easily become a millionaire given the right chance. With the continuing and rising popularity of cryptocurrency usage and acceptance, crypto trading platforms have also been introduced to the market. Some platforms trade only cryptos while some allows forex and other assets to be traded. I myself have trading accounts on these platforms and use them from time to time depending on which coins I want to trade since a platform does not necessarily list all the coins available in the market.

A soon--to-launched platform which caught my attention is  Currently in its Pre-ICO sale, offers services that other platforms do not have. Its social accounts communities have grown steadily and was able to acquire $7 million in crowdsourcing within a few days since the first day of pre-ICO sale. Below is a quick fact sheet about

What make different from s…

ARToken by Cappasity on Presale - 18 hours left

While waiting for ETN's wallet, check out this one. 19 hours to go before the presale ends.
It is ARToken Token Sale is LIVE - Join now at . Don't miss 10% maximum bonus! ARToken will be listed on HitBTC right after the end of crowdsale.
A utility token - ARToken (AR) - will be issued as a digital payment vehicle that facilitates AR/VR/3D content exchange among the ecosystem participants from all over the globe.
Cappasity has successfully raised over $1.8M from angel investors and launched its platform and 3D digitizing software.
Today, each month the platform serves more than 700 thousand views of 3D content.already a company with product and soon to launch in Alibaba
Current price is 125 ARS = 1$ (plus 10% bonus)

How to Fund Your Cryptopia Account with

Cryptopia is one of the trading and exchange platform for cryptocurrencies. It also supports Philippine users and one of the trusted websites for cryptocurrency transactions. If you have not yet signed up for an account, you may sign up here
After opening your Cryptopia account, you need to deposit cryptocurrency in order to do trading or exchange.  Click on the B from your dashboard and select Deposit

Choose what cryptocurrency to deposit. With, you only have BTC so type BTC and select.

Scan the QR code or copy the wallet address below the QR code

Open your account by following the instructions of sending BTC from your and paste the wallet address you copied from Crytopia to the BTC address in and click Continue. Await confirmation of your deposit from Cryptopia and you are ready for trading or exchange.