Lifetime Hosting: A Wise Investment Decision?

Is getting a lifetime hosting for your domains a wise investment decision?

I've been thinking about getting a lifetime hosting for about a month now. There is this opportunity of having a lifetimehosting with a 6GB capacity and other features being unlimited at a discounted price of $80. Can I use this? Will the site still be available after 2 years? Will this be OK for the online businesses I have in mind.?

I have done my research and I found the pros and cons of having a lifetime hosting.
  • The site may not be available anymore after a year
  • If my traffic might get bigger than the server can handle so I will have to pay for another hosting service
  • I might not be able to utilize all the features
  • I don't have to pay for monthly hosting
  • I can host unlimited domains and subdomains
  • I can test drive all the online businesses I have in mind
  • Unlimited resources
I asked for an advice and I was given. I need to consider my plans and maybe start with a cheap paid hosting at first. That way, if the business is unsuccessful, the loss is lesser. :)

But I am still undecided. Anyway, I still have till the end of December 2006 to think about this.


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