Online Business: A Beginner's Overview

I am really keen on establishing an online business and I recently got interested with internet marketing. A Filipino internet marketer, Ian del Carmen, awaken my interest to pursue internet marketing. Maybe, its because of the thought that I could earn 5 times to more than 10 times of what I am currently earning. Added to this is the fact that I can work on the comforts of my own home. We had an online conference/tutorial with Ian del Carmen and well, Ian del Carmen was generous enough to share his resources with us and patiently answered our "newbies" questions. By the way, he just launched an internet marketing material for list building, a joint venture with Joel Christopher - another successful internet marketeer.

During the course of our online conference, we found out that our very own PMT Forum member bizsum or Joji of has also a success story to share with us. I have not given much attention before but he has shared a lot of valuable information by posting it at the forum. Aside from his book summaries,, he has also other online businesses already established. The said online businesses serve now as their family's bread- and-butter. Isn't that a nice one? :)

Looking forward to my own success

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