Any work-at-home job available?

Did you ever tried searching for a work-at-home job on the internet?

I am on the look-out for a part-time job, preferably a work-at-home job or computer-related. I searched the internet. Application letters sent to employers yet only very few have work-at-home part-time jobs available. I clicked on almost all the ads that I saw from data entry positions, stuffing envelopes, answering surveys, writing contests, work-at-home-jobs, business opportunities, and a few affiliate programs. Only to close my browser again, disappointed.

1. Some sites require a registration fee before I can work.
2. Some sites only accept members from a list of countries
3. Some sites pay only via Paypal
4. Some sites require a full-time work hours
5. Some sites require a very high minimum before you get the payment

These are just some of the difficulties encountered by anyone who search the internet for legitimate earning opportunities. And there are many people who fell prey to the programs that do not pay. Others sacrifice their talents and time just so they will finish the assigned task and reach the minimum pay-out just to find out later on that the programs they joined had closed.

But why is it that with all these difficulties, online job searchers keep on increasing? It is because there are many who have succeeded and find a legitimate work-at-home job. Some did not only find a job but also attained financial freedom and more time to enjoy life.

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