Multiple Streams of Income (Writing Gig, etc): 10000Hits

I received a newsletter from Mukamo (In your face) so I visited the forum. I checked the Job Offers/Opportunities section and I saw an ad for part-time writing gig. So I clicked on the link. I was taken to the site of 10000hits.

I registered and got myself familiarized with the site. I found out that 10000hits pays $5 for every approved article and there are different subjects to choose from. The only disadvantage is the 7days-waiting period before an assignment is evaluated approved or not.

Aside from writing articles, 10000hits has multiple streams of income. Training on how to maximize the multiple streams of income is provided by MgrCentral. A step-by-step procedure on how to accomplish each of the task is provided. By the way, MgrCentral also offers an affiliate program. Check that out too, once you visit the site.

I am particularly interested in writing only, for now.

My upline have sent an email of encouragement and support. And that if ever I need some help, I know where to contact here. She even showed a scanned copy of check payment that was mailed to her. Nice upline although I received more than 1 email in a day :D

If you want to join and take advantage of this opportunity, do join through my link so I can also guide you. :)

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