Forex Trading: Marketiva - Learn Forex, Free $5

About Marketiva

Marketiva is a good training ground for newbie forex traders. Aside from the free $5 that can be used to trade live, Marketiva also gives a $10,000 virtual account for training purposes. Marketiva has a chat channels, both for support and country specific. These channels provide immediate support from Marketiva staff and members from specific countries.

In trading with Marketiva, Streamster is being used. The Streamster is easy to use and provides different customizable options that are beneficial not only to the beginning forex traders but also useful to the seasoned traders.

Marketiva account can be funded through Wire Transfer, e-gold and e-bullion but I personally prefer e-gold because of ease of use.

Join Marketiva here and start trading live for as low as $1 using free $5

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