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It's only recently that Philippines was added again to the list where PayPal operates. I was excited at first because with PayPal available in the Philippines, I can get more freelance / part-time jobs. But many Filipinos were disappointed especially those who make a living online. The news is out. Paypal Philippines account can only be used to Send Payment. Without immediate use for it, I delayed the sign-up process.

Today, I finally finished filling-up my application for PayPal account. I familiarized myself with the site and checked whether I am exempted from the "PayPal limited account" . Sad to say, I got this message:

Your Account May Only Be Used to Send Money

As a PayPal Send Only account holder, you are not permitted to receive funds from other PayPal account holders.

PayPal is constantly working to expand and improve services for our customers. We hope that we can enable you to use more of our award-winning services in the future.

I hope it will be soon when Philippines can also use PayPal to Request/Receive payments. It will surely boost the booming online business industry in the Philippines. And will be of big help to all Filipinos whose source of income is the internet.

To sign-up a Paypal account, click here.


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