Earning Opportunity: Paid Posting

Paid posting is another online earning opportunity. The payrate differs for each program, site or topic. Topics that need expertise or research before a post can be made rate higher than common topics. Length of post is also considered.

So, how did paid posting came into view?

Paid posting became popular with the birth of countless forums and blogs. When forum income depends on the activity on the site, regular paid posting service is availed by forum owners. This is to insure that the forum will not have inactivity period.

Rates for paidposting is from $0.01 to as high as what the project owner wants. It is an easy job, no membershp fees, no site to maintain. English and understanding of what the forum is taling about is all that is needed.

When accepting paid posting jobs, check for the following

  1. available payment methods.

  2. pay-out date

  3. minimum words per post

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Christi said…
Great info, I found your post while googling about this very subject! There seem to be quite a few out there, it's going to be a challenge to find out which ones have to potential to be good without signing up for too much junk!
Fleur said…
Junk is not much of a problem as compared to not getting paid for the posts you've made. And finding a site, program or a person that really pays for the effort is a challenge but know that there are many who augment their earnings doing paid posting :)

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