Payments Processor: PayChest, Inc.

About PayChest Inc.

PayChest and its strategic partner companies have developed an integrated online payment processing platform utilizing cutting edge technologies to deliver payment solutions online. These payment processing solutions include turnkey payment facilitation for credit and debit cards, electronic checks, money transfer solutions, gift cards and turnkey rewards based systems.
Paychest Inc. founded in 2005 has recently launched the company's online gateway products that include the following:
1. PayChest ACHnet
2. PayChest E-Check
3. PayChest RD21
4. PayChest Credit Card Processing.
The above products are initially available in the United States.

Paychest Inc.offers the following solutions and services
1. PayChest e-Store
2. PayChest IVR Pay
3. PayChest POS
4. Kiosk Payments

The current President and CEO of PayChest Inc. is Mr. Lawson Pillay. Serving as CEO of Genfin, LLC - a Southern California financial technology integrator, he is also Director to BanX, Inc. - a financial services transaction and debit card processor.

Paychest Inc. is being eyed as the closest rival of Paypal when it finally opens its services to non-Paypal countries which include the Philippines. Philippines access to Paypal services is still limited to Send transactions.

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