ShutterStock: Get Paid for your Photos

Internet is the largest source of information - articles, ebooks, songs, videos, images - name it and a simple internet search can yield numerous results. Where do the information came from? It is from the users themselves, us. We provide the information. Are we paid for it? Well, not if we do not know that we can be paid for such information.

Shutterstock is one of the sites that pays you for the information you provide - images. How can Shutterstock pay its submitters? Shutterstock maintains a database of quality images that are needed by artists, designers, publishers, collectors and even common people. When these people download an images, they pay Shutterstock. In turn, Shutterstock pays the submitter. Each download is being paid $0.25 standard rate for images. A quality image can be downloaded a hundred times, even a million times. Nothing to do except submit an image, a hundred download would mean $25 easily earned. A million downloads is a whooping $250,000. Wow, that's a lot of money for a single image. What if you got 5 images or more. Isn't that easy and passive income?

Join now and start submitting your quality photos and your on your way to earning a few bucks and more. :)

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