Documenting My Domains at RegisterFly

I've encountered some errors accessing one of my domains. It is being forwarded to a domain name I'd rather not mention here but I can tell you if you contact me. I found out just now that it is not only me who was on the same situation. There are still many RegisterFly users whose domains were forwarded to the same site.

Since I encountered the errors, I slowly documented my domains the previous days. I finished whole morning documenting my Registerfly account and the domains I have registered with them. All my domains are using the free WHOIS protection service so I disabled them all. This step may not be full-proof but it might help when worse comes to worst.

If you have not done it yet then I suggest you better do your documentation now. If you do not know how, here are some steps:

1. Log-in to your RegisterFly account.
2. Click on Manage Domains.
3. Take a screenshot of all your domains. If your domains do not fit in one screen, then repeat taking screenshots.
4. Save your images.

Be sure to check also your WHOIS whether it is still yours. Print or take a screenshot of the WHOIS information.

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