Important Note to Bloggers

I have not given much thought to what the BlogSend address feature of Blogger before until recently. I made a post on my blog before I retire for the night and when I woke up, I started on a new topic again. Unfortunately, I can't find the blog posts anymore. I found rewriting an article disgusting. The effort and time I've given to writing that article has been wasted but I need to rewrite the article.

As I usually manually ping my blog after every update, I noticed that the missing blog post is displayed both in Technorati and Feedburner. Only, it is not displaying on my main blog and on my dashboard.

So now, I use the BlogSend Address feature. The image above illustrates the location of the said feature. A copy of every new blog post is sent to that email address. This could prove helpful if you encounter missing blog posts. Unfortunately, this is only for new blog posts and is not applicable for any revisions you made on the blog.

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