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I am starting to build some real sites for myself. My experiences tell me to look for a software that will protect the contents of my website from being copied. It seems ionCube products have excellent features which I might test myself one of these days.

Products of ionCube include the following:

ionCube Online Encoder
ionCube Standalone Encoder
Our cutting edge PHP encoding software.
ionCube Package Foundry
Loaders for ionCube Encoded Files
Obfuscating HTML Encoder

  • The obfuscating HTML encoder is an easy to install PHP script that obfuscates all your HTML output into a coded form, making analysis of your HTML pages almost impossible. If you want to protect your image and text from being copied, this is offered for free

I will be trying the Obfuscating HTML Encoder as it is offered free.

If you check out the site, check also the affiliate program. It another program that offers opportunity to make money on the net.

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