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Have you tried working on the link popularity of your website? Website owners know that the link popularity of their sites will affect the way Google ranks a specific site. Some take advantage of free ads forums, exchanging links with other sites of the same interest and directory submissions. But Google does not only look at the link itself but on the overall content of the page to which the link is placed. The most popular and most exploited today is getting one-way links through blogs. With blogs, the contents are updated regularly. Owning several blogs and updating them regularly would be time consuming. So, some bloggers or network of bloggers offer their services for a minimal fee. These are both beneficial to bloggers and website owners. The bloggers get paid for blogging about websites or products while website owners get quality links for their sites.

How Google and other search engines determine the link popularity of a website is very complicated but building quality links can surely give a site the attention it needs.

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