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I've recently signed up for PayPerPost because of the good reviews that I have been reading about this program. PayPerPost has been constantly giving its bloggers opportunities to make money through blogging and has been paying its bloggers consistently.

PayPerPost has recently implemented segmentation. Advertisers can now choose the Alexa score and page rank of the sites where their ads will be displayed. Advertisers can also require that publishers have already received feedback or tacks from previous advertisers. These features are beneficial to all parties concerned. Advertisers will surely get the value of the money they paid for blog marketing.

One advantage of PayPerPost over other programs that offer the same service is its low 35% service fee charge. ReviewMe charges 50%. With PayPerPost, the blogger/publisher gets paid more. Whether a site has a low or high traffic, there are opportunities available. But of course, the site with higher traffic and rank has more benefits. One of the opportunities on PayPerPost offer $1,000.00 but requires maximum Alexa score of 10,000 and a page rank of 8. I am not yet qualified to take this offer. This really inspires me to improve my blog. I could really earn a decent income from blogging.

I should mention that a publisher disclosure policy is required for all bloggers. One form of disclosure is by placing an image or badge on the sponsored blog post like the image below.

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