I have been telling you about making money through blogging and one of the sites that pays a blogger's effort is BlogToProfit There’s a guaranteed pay for every post in your blog because advertisers pay you by telling others about their products.

Its referral program pays well too with $10 as payment for every blogger referred. Get as much as $200 just for referring a fellow blogger. Payment is via Western Union or direct bank deposit.

Earn money from the things you enjoy most. Use your blog to start making money today. Submit your blog now and you’ll start earning as soon as your blog is approved.

And hey, do not forget my email as your referrer: 2000sevenjobs (at) gmail dot com. That would be greatly appreciated. :)

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Shirlene said…
Thanks - I shall have to look at blog to profit. I have looked at the other paid-to-post blog opportunities on my blog, but have not yet looked at them.

Fleur said…
Hi, thanks for dropping by. I am also in search of other paid-to-post blog opportunities and so far, this one has a good feedback.

Unfortunately, my blog is not hosted on my own domain so I would settle for the referral incentive for now :)

I will be posting more making money opportunities in the future :)

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