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PayPerPost has been paying bloggers to write a review on sites, programs and services. There are many opportunities presented to bloggers. Recently, PayPerPost has introduced the “Review My Post program” and many bloggers have taken advantage of this great opportunity to make additional money online. So, how does this new program of PPP works?

An image or badge is placed on every blog post inviting others to review the said post. A blog post maybe sponsored or not. Why would you review my post? You will review it because you are given the special opportunity to be paid $7.50 just for writing a review about my post. What I like about this program is that there is no need for me to write sponsored blog posts just to participate. Isn’t that great? :D

It is beneficial to both of us. You review my blog posts, you get paid, I get paid and I got a link bank that will increase my link popularity. Once you join the program, you can add similar badge or image on your site or blog and you can offer the same opportunity to other bloggers as well. Why would you invite others to review your blog? You will invite them because of the same reason that I have. This will surely build blog traffic to our sites.

It is free to join so take advantage of this another making money opportunity. I have already joined and I will keep you updated about this program.

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