The Video Sense

Are you fond of submitting and sharing videos at YouTube and If you are then it's time you start earning from your efforts.

By becoming a member of, you will earn 50% of the income generated by the advertising. And additional earning of 10% from your referrals is granted after successfully submitting 10 videos in your account.

Step 1. You need to register with Google Adsense. This is the company that provides the advertising on the website. Click here to register

Step 2. Log into your user account

Step 3. See the Video Tutorials here

Step 4. For any questions or help, Create a user account in our forum

Step 5. Start bookmarking tons of great videos from or ( you only need the embed code supplied by these sites, to add them to your account in

Joining is free so start telling your friends about this easy yet great earning opportunity.

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