What a Coincidence!

Same period last year, the Stormpay fiasco broke out. Thousands of online users, mostly people who make money online, got affected. Some have lost properties and means of earning a living. I've also lost a few hundreds of dollars. Stormpay fiasco was the worst event online for 2006.

For 2007, RegisterFly is taking over the record. According to this post at Registerflies, Registerfly "has currently been hacked into and taken over by Kevin Medina in the Florida office". There are too much fuzz going all around. There are too many people affected with this issue. These are the people who depend on their domains for a living.

Although I have only a few domains and considering that I have not developed them yet, I'd still like to have control over them. I consider them as my little achievements, the rewards I got for being online. I am still hoping for the best.

I wonder what will happen to the domains registered with RegisterFly once their accreditation is removed.

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