Registerly warned by ICANN

When I started registering domain names, I choose because it was easy to register and there is no need for me to use credit card or Paypal to pay for their services. Registerly allows e-gold for payments. It was only later on that I experienced glitches on their system.

I had my first unwanted experience with Registerfly when I registered a domain name. I was supposed to use a promo code and enter it in the process. Instead of a step-by-step process after I entered the domain name, I was taken directly to the 'paid-out' page and my account got deducted for the whole price. I emailed support but it was never resolved.

I also encountered several glitches when I was setting-up the domains for parking at Sedo. There are times when I got a message that the domains are not mine and that my IP address is recorded.

Now, I am not sure where to transfer my domain names or whether I should transfer them at all. Customers are already transferring their domain names to other registrars. Through a warning letter, ICANN warned Registerfly because of too many complaints from customers. I've read reviews about other registrars as well but it seems even the most popular ones are having some customer issues.

There are many issues that have come out including embezzlement of funds by the then-CEO Mr. Medina. An official statement coming from Registerfly is published at Registerflies.

I hope that the issues be resolved soon as I still have some amount on my Registerfly CheckOut account.

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