Anonymous Email for Friends

Sending and receiving emails have become a part of our everyday routine. Most of our families and friends are aware of our email addresses. What if you want to tell your superior about your complaints but afraid to do so? Or, you admire someone yet you do not have enough courage to tell him or her?

You can now send Anonymous Email to the person you want to correspond to. You can send jokes and gossip to friends, compliments or complaints to co-workers, share some secrets, intervene with the destructive behavior of someone you know, flirt, tease, rant, or express the feelings you've been holding for long.

To enjoy these benefits, do not forget your responsibility as an individual. Do not think of abusing the system. Spamming is not allowed and you can only send a message to one recipient to prevent abuse or any form of misuse. You can also help prevent spam emails by reporting emails that violates the TOS.

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