Another Door to Earn Money Opens

The past 24 hours have been an exciting one. Two of the opportunities I had applied online contacted me. Both opportunities involve writing. Being contacted with positive attitude considering the many applicants is more than enough for me. Am I getting better as a writer? Well, just flattering myself :D

Going back to the opportunities, the first one is a web content writing. Unfortunately, their requirements have changed to full time job which I can not fulfill as I already have a full time job that is far better than any other jobs near my place. I can say far better because if not, I would not be enjoying my time online :D

The second income earner is writing a travel guide locally. What I like about this earning opportunity is that I get to familiarize myself about the assigned places during the research. The gained knowledge is the reward for writing that can not be replaced by monetary value. I'll be completing a single guide for 28 days with two initial assignments. This will keep me busy in the next two months. Again, part time only. :)

Remember, there are many income opportunities online. Get all the information. Sift them out and use what suits you best. To establish an online income profile takes time of researching and trying out the opportunities. I advice that if you do encounter opportunities that let you pay first, make a review before deciding to join. :)

There. I hope this will inspire my readers again. :)


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