Another Registerfly Update

Most of us who registered their domains at Registerfly are aware of the issues surrounding the program. Being busy for the past three days, I temporarily forgot my domains and my move to transfer them.

As I checked my account again today, I had a trouble signing-in. I've used the 'Lost Password' option but I did not receive any email verification. Knowing that I've changed my password just recently, I tried logging in using my old password. That was the finally the answer.

Checking the list of my domains, I found that the WHOIS info security is enabled for all the domains when in fact I've already disabled it few days ago. I've also changed the WHOIS info to that of mine and this I can attest because DomainTools showed the info. Inside my Registerfly account, it is still displaying the old information.

Registerfly people must have restored the database from a back-up made before I changed my account information. I've already changed the information pending my transfer. I hope this time my password won't be reset.

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