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Do you want to know one of the top 3 programs I like today? You got it right. It is a program that pays me to blog, Blogitive.

I started blogging for Blogitive on February 2007 and have earned $35. I could have earned more if I only followed directions, like you need to place the link and keyword as it is - no more, no less. I did learn my lessons so I am now very careful not to miss even a single character. Also, I can be choosy at the offers I accept :D

A $35 is small compared to what others are currently earning through blogging. Again, it is not the amount. It is the experience of getting paid for an online opportunity that matters considering there are many nonpaying internet jobs out there.

Why do I like Blogitive? I salute their support. Special mention is Brian Ratzker. He went an extra mile in order to deliver my on-time payments. Support emails are answered in less than 24 hours. Very accommodating yet professional. Although they have many bloggers, old and new likewise, I feel treated on the same level. Personal email is even sent giving advice on how to generate more traffic to a newly created blog.

Furthermore, blog posts are reviewed, accepted or rejected in 24 hours. The only time Blogitive lagged behind schedule was when some changes were made to their system. The last post I made for Blogitive was approved in 6 hours. Very fast, isn't it?

Some programs do not offer support to their less known bloggers and I experience this. For me, it is not a reason that a program is popular and has many bloggers to neglect the support needed by some of their members.

If all programs deliver support like Brian Ratzker, it doesn't matter if the payment is only $5. Well, if I can have offers higher than $5, then I would appreciate it more.... :D

It is now the last day of March 2007 and I am again expecting payment from Blogitive for the next pay-out period.

If you are an advertiser, Blogitive can bring buzz to your business. With the number of bloggers Blogitive have, your business site will get its needed boost in no time.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid post nor advertisement but if I can get a bonus, why not? :D

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