CashToDo - Earning Opportunity with Free $5

I was browsing one of the busiest forum when it comes to high yield investment when I saw one program that pays member for completing offers - CashToDo. Since it is free to join and a $5 is being offered for free, there is no harm in joining :D

I signed-up and found 2 offers immediately. According to the Admin, there are more offers for members who are from these countries: Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States. I belong to the "Other" countries and there are not much offer.

I did the first offer since it's a very simple job. Payment is kind of small but well, for just an easy job, that may as well do. I just hope more offers will be made so I can reach the minimum pay-out of $10.

In case you want to join and get that free $5, here is the site - CashToDo. Do not forget to invite your friends. :)

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msaufong said…
I just signed up under ur referral, You get paid! :)

Anyway, the payout offer is very low. just 0.25..I think will be hard to achieve the $10 payout. :(
Fleur said…
Thanks for signing up. As I've said pay-out is small. Let's hope the Admin will find more programs so we can reach the pay-out ... lol

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