Disable Protectfly Of Your Domains At Registefly

One of my domains at Registerfly had a Protectfly and I can not disable the protection from within the system of Registerfly. If I can not remove the Protectfly, I can not have an access to the Authorization Code. I can not proceed with the transfer to another registrar.

I have been tinkering with my account this morning and found a way to do it. And this is what I did.

1. Create a NEW free Registerfly account.
2. On your OLD Registerfly account, proceed to your Account Control Panel.
3. Click on Change of Ownership on the right side of your Control Panel.

4. Proceed with the 'Internal Push to Other User' and click continue

5. Enter the username for your NEW Registerfly account on the space provided then confirm.

6. Check the corresponding boxes of the domains that will be pushed to your new account. Also, check the check box to change WHOIS info then continue

7. You will receive an email about the recent push transaction.

8. Check your new Registerfly account and change your contact information. Be sure that you will not enable the Protectfly again if you will transfer.

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Anonymous said…
Good Work . Thanx
shantam said…

i have a domain at registerfly..in the who is info, registerfly is listed as the contact.

is this a protectfly account or something else?

Fleur said…
shamtam, yes, your domain is protected with Protectly. Your domain should have been registered or renewed for 60 days before you can transfer. You should immediately transfer it away to another register.

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