Flying Away from Registerfly

It's a morning for domain transfers. From the twelve domains I registered at Registerfly, I decided to transfer seven to GoDaddy taking advantage of the transfer promo for Registerfly-registered domains. As for the remaining 5, that remains to be seen.

I encountered minor problems with the 5 domains. The Protectfly is enabled yet my WHOIS info is the one being displayed when a WHOIS. I had to disable the Protectfly again. I am very sure I've already disabled the protection when the issue was just starting. I even placed password protection to some of the domains. Also, the WHOIS info is different from that of my Registerfly account. Bulk changes is not supported anymore so I have to manually and individually change all the data and disable the protection. I am just waiting for the transfer to be finalized in a couple of days.

One of the domains though is still under process. Since the info was reverted back to the time before I made some changes, the server has to verify the contact info.

The seventh domain is also protected with Protectfly. Unfortunately, I can't remove the protection. If the protection is enabled, I can't get the authorization code. I sent a support ticket that the domain's protection be removed. I hope I'll receive a reply to my ticket soon.

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Poor you.
One rule: AVOID GO DADDY!You can loose a domain cos you have privacy switched on.

Instead, save yrself loads of trouble and cash and use yr own reseller acct like what I did. Simpler management.

Best wishes


Clue:whois me!and U need a AUTH for anything except .com
Michael Heindel said…
I use GoDaddy and even have a virtual server with them. Just keep your domain info locked and don't put all your eggs in one basket.

Saw you on MyBlogLog, thanks for the comment.


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