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I received a newsletter today from one of the first programs I've joined when I started finding ways on how to make money online. It is from BigStockPhoto.

I visited again the site and remembered it was a 'get paid to submit your photos' program. The program has a generous payment scheme. Quoting from the site

Commission Payments for Referring New Photo Buyers

When new referred photo buyer makes a purchase you earn a whopping 35% of that sale. (Most affiliate programs pay only 10%-15% ) Many buyers purchase $40 - $300 in credits, which would earn you $14.00 - $105.00!

Commission Payments for Referring New Photographers too:

When new referred photographer hits 75 approved photo uploads you earn $5.00.

So, what are you waiting for. It is free to sign-up. Upload your photos and start earning now!

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