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Many of the computer gadgets today are connected to the USB port. My digital camera, memory card reader, mouse and printer are all connected to the USB port. Since I have not upgraded my computer unit yet, I have only the default 4 USB ports right now. Soon, I will be needing more or probably use a USB Adapter instead.

Before shopping, it is always advantageous to research and check the internet for new releases. I might not be updated anymore but these USB adapters are the first I've seen.

The image below is the GoldX USB Kit. It is a patented universal USB cable with a variety of different interchangeable connectors. A perfect solution for eliminating 6 different cables, it is a "12 in 1" digital camera cable. If I have this USB adapater, there is no need for me to look for USB cables when uploading MP3 to my player. Even downloading pictures from my digital camera to the PC will be brisk.

GoldX USB 12 in 1 Camera Kit

There is also the FlexUSB™ Adapter that is ideal to use in laptops, PCs and Macs. When the work area is a limited and connecting many USB cables is impossible, this adapter can do the job. Technology really does wonder to our lives. :)

FlexUSB™ Adapter

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