Malicious Code on Blogger

I was doing some search engine submission when I came upon a Fortinet article stating that a malicious code appears on Fortinet is founded in 2000 and is a pioneer and leading provider of multi-threat security systems.

According to Fortinet, malicious scripts are embedded and have shown up on hundreds of Blogger blogs. A Stration mass mailer is said to be the one responsible for directing traffic to these blogs.

It was also found out that a script redirects traffic to Pharmacy Express which is a phishing site to obtain sensitive information.

Another script downloads a 1x1 pixel image to track the browser information, such as, IP address, browser type and version, etc. While the Pharmacy Express site is hosted in China, the 1x1 pixel image is hosted on a site registered in the United States.

It was also discovered on March 5 that a blog of Honda CR450 enthusiast has an embedded malicious code infecting visitors with Wonka Trojan. The trojan is posted on a web site hosted in Russia.

Fortinet also stated that other popular topics including Star Wars, school, furniture, Christmas, cars and girlfriend are commonly linked to malicious blog sites.

Blogger and other blogging sites are very popular nowadays because of the income generating opportunities these blogs provide. Can we say these people also benefit from unsuspecting web users, riding on the popularity of blogs?


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