Marketiva Live Trading Update

My blog's design is not going well but my Marketiva live trading is doing great. I was able to close 4 small trades today gaining points of 53, 20, 39 and 41. I have traded with GBP/USD pairs. With fluctuating values, I need to be careful when to enter and exit a trade.

I just started trading live again after getting some trading commissions so I am extra conservative with my trades. I've learned that a smaller profit is better than waiting for a better profit before closing a trade. I set smaller targets to gain at a shorter time increasing my funds and giving me more leverage. Marketiva serves as a trading ground for me until now.

Take note that it is free to join. With Marketiva, I can trade even with $1 only. If you join you can also get free $5 which you can use to trade live.

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