Marketiva Virtual Account Trading Update

It's been awhile since I gave you an update regarding my Marketiva trading so this is the update for today. :)

As usual, I am doing some of my home-based jobs today. Aware with what happened to the stock market last week, forex tradings have also been affected so I kept on watching my Marketiva virtual account for it might hit a margin call. I opened a LONG position for USD/JPY account some days ago but the market had dived down continuously and my trade has not recovered yet.

Today, the market has reversed a little. I can now see some green figures in the Profit area. I was even able to open a new LONG position for GBP/USD. It was closed after almost 3 hours hitting my target profit. I was able to close also another USD/JPY account totalling a profit of more than $200.00 for today. I say this is a nice trading considering that the market is very erratic.

I still have open trades. A LONG position at USD/JPY will surely do good for my Marketiva portfolio.

Remember that opening a trading account in Marketiva is free with free $5. You can even trade as low as $1. It's a good practice ground for newbie forex traders.

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