My Monday with Equitable PCI Bank

I received a postal mail today from Equitable PCI Bank stating that my account with them was terminated or closed. I was surprised because I made a withdrawal from my account just minutes after I received the mail. So I had to go back to the bank again and inquire what happened. Who would not if the amount in your account will be disposed according to banking laws?

Checking the account in the mail and comparing it with my account number, the account numbers are different. The name and address are the same. The bank teller asked if I had applied before for a payroll account with them. I did not. In fact, I opened my account with EPCI last January only. As the bank teller checked the account, it was found out that the hardcopy revealed a different name and address.

They explained that there must be a glitch when the machine generated the message. Knowing some database concepts, I believe the program will pick the name corresponding to the account number. Second thing, I received two mails regarding the account on separate occasions. Third, don't they check the mails such as this before putting them in an envelope?

Next probable cause is they made an error in the entry. They placed the savings account in the payroll/checking account. Why would my account details be placed on an account number that belongs to someone else?

Well, this is one of those Mondays when I wish it is still Sunday. It is good that my REAL account is safe and active.

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