My Monday with Land Bank of the Philippines

This is a series of bank experiences for just a day so bear with it.

As soon as I was out of the office this Monday, I went to a nearby ATM machine to withdraw some cash for bills payment. Unfortunately, the ATM machine is unavailable. The second ATM machine is also unavailable. It seems some people had withdrawn large amount of money during the weekends.

The last resort is to go to the branch office and perform an over the counter (OTC) the withdrawal. Take note that even the ATM machine in the branch office is also unavailable. Some people are already filling-up withdrawal slips with their ATM cards on hand. As my account is about to be verified, the bank teller informed one of the depositors that a P50.00 will be deducted from the account if he continues with the OTC transaction. Of course, complaints were heard.

They are aware that their ATM machines are unavailable. How can they impose withdrawal charges if their ATM machines in the area are unavailable? The depositor can withdraw from other machines but that will mean charges again which is actually lesser than the OTC charge. I wonder if LBP has a policy for withdrawals when their ATM machines are unavailable.

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