The Secret Science of Getting Rich

'Secret' is a word that has some magic on it. It arouses the curiosity of most people. 'Secret' when combined with money, riches or income becomes a very interesting subject. More people's interests are awaken when 'secret', 'money' and 'science' go together.

It is known that with 'science', the methodologies or steps undertaken to gain riches can be repeated or duplicated. "The Secret Science of Getting Rich" is a formula that is found to bring income and wealth to a person. It is found to improve one’s life by focusing on the positive side of things called the law of attraction..

A seminar and an affiliate program in one, its success is manifested in hitting the number 1 spot on Alexa rating and the best selling book and DVD at in such a short time after its release. Some successful people like Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for The Soul), Bob Proctor (creme-de-la-cream success coach) and Michael Beckwith (popular spiritual leader) believe ‘The Secret’. It is no surprise that even Larry King, Oprah Winfrey, The Wallstreet Journal, NY Times, Time magazine and Newsweek had featured and talk about this very successful program.

The price of success is never cheap and so is an investment of $1,995 for getting "The Secret Science of Getting Rich". But this is a small investment when compared to the wealth it may bring.

Curious? Intrigued? Want to know the secret to getting rich? This is an opportunity opened to fast movers. Visit

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