A Tack Rating of 5 from PayPerPost

Some offers in PayPerPost require specific tack ratings. The highest tack rating is 5 and lowest is 0. One of the offers to which I qualify requires a tack rating. So, I checked whether I did qualify. There, I found out I do have a tack rating of 5 and one vote.

I don't usually look for compliments but in this business, a tack rating can mean additional income. Not to mention that it serves as a recognition for the efforts done on the offered projects.

All first 3 posts approved and a tack rating of 5, I think I am beginning to truly love these programs. :D

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congrats on having a Tack 5
Even the experts don't have 5 votes!
Best Wishes


And thanks for yr kind visit@!
Fleur said…
Thanks for dropping by. Having a tack rating of 5 is really inspiring.

I saw your cute avatar so I thought I'd drop by.
No worries.
Hope U can get a bigger payout soon enuff.
Fleur said…
Well, thanks again. I hope you are right :)

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