An Update from Online Capital

Online-Capital is one of the programs I joined before I became active as a blogger. A generous free $25 was given to all registered members. Caution though, if you do not know how these programs work, do not join. Or ask questions first and I hope I can be of help.

Below is an update from the program.

We would like to express our gratitude to all members who have submitted their opinions, comments and suggestions regarding the poll. Your opinion is very important to us since we have certain goals to accomplish and our main effort is to provide thousands of members with access to high return programs and your comments help us to determine demands of our investors more adequately.

We have presented 4 vote options - Online Capital was seeking wisdom from the clients and our expectations were correct. Majority of the conservative members have submitted their votes to leave the present rules without changes. Openly speaking we were not planning to make changes to the rules in the beginning however the bonus abuse didn't leave any options for us - such abuses would cause even more problems for the program in the future.

The largest part of the votes received was regarding the decrease of the minimum investment amount along with enforcement of the current conditions for the ability to withdraw interest which is paid on the bonus amount. This option, for sure, is the most loyal solution and we are delighted that most of the comments and suggestions received by the management were supporting this initiative.

Secondary favorite poll opinion was the complete cancellation of the bonus for inactive accounts, this fact really encouraged us since we finally realize that our clients are interested in the program itself and not the bonus. Intentions of the clients help us to maximize our efforts and focus on future program improvements which are both beneficial for us and the members.

A small amount of members voted for increase of the minimum deposit and refunding the small investors. For Online Capital along with the major alliances of large investor groups besides private large investors this option is the most attractive however such actions could be classified as a strong annoyance to the clients and would cause large amount of negative feedback.

The adapted rules are:
  1. Minimum deposit set to 10 USD!
  2. In order to be able to withdraw the interest paid on the bonus, the total amount of deposits must exceed 200 USD.
  3. We waive the fees for withdrawals of referal commissions ( withdrawals).
You have rights to express your suggestions and request a refund if you find our actions to be unfair however please notice that there is no altering or negotiations since the decision was made and new rules are already effective.


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