Woman Savers

While checking mails and assignments this morning, my attention was immediately caught by a very unique ad - WomanSavers.com-World's Largest Database Rating Men .

Curious to see what the site is all about, I clicked on the link and found out that it's been operating since 2003 with the objective of helping women in may ways. It's my first time to visit the site. It just like saying, "There are still many sites out there that are just waiting to be discovered." Does the phrase seems familiar? :D

Going back to WomenSavers, it offers lots of interesting features to the member that I might as well list them out here.
  • Members get to search or post cheating or abusive men on the internet's largest database rating men.
  • Free medical advice
  • Free women's abuse advice from psychotherapist
  • Women's messageboard where members can interact with the other members
  • E-cards and e-cartoons for women are also available
  • Claymation comedy to cheer women who are down
  • Custom relationship quizzes
  • Cash contests
The relationship polls have very interesting yet controversial topics. Check them out too. You might agree or disagree with the pool results depending on how you view a relationship. :D

When you visit the site, check the shop where you can find small yet cool accessories. You can help with the site's vision because the proceeds are donated to various charities for women and children.

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