Blogging with Christy

Watching those candlesticks moving up and down without much effect on my opened trades and GBP/JPY prices going up and up, I decided to spend some minutes checking on my emails and messages instead.

Looking at myBlogLog widget for visitors, there it was a smiling Christy of Christy's Coffee Break. Reading through her blog, she can boost of her own achievements in her own field of expertise - writing. I found an interesting link which might also interest you if you are a writer and loves writing as writing itself. The link points to Pondering Moments.

If you got the talent for writing and need some promotion, head at Pondering Moments. You will not directly earn income but having a published work read by thousands of visitors can surely boost your popularity. In time, you'll get the income you deserved.

By the way, Christy also occasionally open some contests. Check it out, you might get lucky to win the prize :)


Christy said…
Thank you for such a nice post! I appreciate it, and see, now I'm smiling again, lol. That is so very nice of you!
Fleur said…
Hi, glad you like it. Thanks again for dropping by :)

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