Busy Wednesday Morning

I woke up with someone knocking on our door. One of our lady neighbors who ordered a design to label her virgin coconut oil products has come to get the design. I can't find it anymore. I thought she's not going to redeem it. Ugghh... I just cleaned my hard drive and used about 20 CDs to back-up all my files - designs, e-books, scripts, musics, images and personal photographs. That means I would have to browse through all the design files I have :(

Yes, right. I also do simple designs, both online and offline, if I have extra time. The extra income is not that much because I charge only a few bucks but that can already buy me some softdrinks and "halu-halo" to quench the summer heat :)

Note: The image above is one of the labels (with minor modifications) I made from which she can choose from. In case you are interested about the product, you can always contact me :)


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