Earning Opportunity from Blue Mountain

When I was still younger than today...lol... I had collections of all sorts of things - cards for all occasion, bookmarkers, quotations from newspapers, magazines and books, posters, etc.. I always had stack of books and papers in my room including write-ups.

It was few years ago while doing some 'book windowshopping' that I notice one of Blue Mountain's minibook of quotations. I bought books as presents for some special people. I am also a subscriber of BlueMountain just because I like their posts.

Then, while doing some random readings, I found an earning opportunity - writer for Blue Mountain. It is one of those opportunities that I won't pass up because I like their products - simple yet it says it all. You can check it out for yourself. :)

If you are interested, you can request copy of writer's guideline at editorial at sps dot com (correct format, pls). Just wait for a few days for the response.

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