Get Paid for Your Photos at Fotolia

Royalty Free Stock Images
Fotolia is another program that's been supplying web designers with quality stock photos while paying photo submitters for their contributions of quality photographs.

Unlike other programs that pay photo submitters a fixed amount, fotolia's payment scheme differs according to the photographer's ranking. The higher the ranking is, the higher is the commission for every sold photo. The more approved photos you have, the more income will there be.

To earn from fotolia
1. Sign-up for free acount
2. Activate your account
3. Upload your photo and get it approved
4. Continue doing step #3

Payments are made via Paypal or Moneybookers.

Enjoy and start taking great shots. Show your beautiful photos to the world and earn from it. This is another free earning opportunity online so don't miss it. Sign-up for your free account now.

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