Get Paid to Blog with LoudLaunch

Here is another program that's been giving bloggers and advertisers additional income. LoudLaunch helps advertisers in promoting their business while at the same time pays bloggers to review LoudLaunch campaign releases.

For bloggers, LoudLaunch is free to join like other get paid to blog programs. All you need is a 2-months old blog, Paypal account, basic knowledge of HTML and 'verifiable' readership. LoudLaunch also requires a disclosure statement from bloggers. Payments for reviews are done once a month through your registered Paypal account.

If you are still looking for online programs to augment your income, do not miss LoudLaunch.

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Villager said…
I have not been very disciplined in efforts to monetize my new blog. I appreciate your suggestions and ideas. I'm heading off to learn more about LoudLaunch now. Do you have it running on your blog?

peace, Villager
Fleur said…
I already submitted my blog but approval is still pending :(

Anyway, just go and check it out for yourself. It is a free program anyway so grab the opportunity while it is there :)

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