How About Thousand Dollars for Domain Name?

How about going into the domain business thing?

Well, I was reminded that I do have some unused parked domains at because of the newsletter that just came in from my inbox. Check out these details about recently sold domains at
  • - 60,000 USD
  • - 29,500 USD
  • - 21.611 USD
  • - 14,000 USD
  • - 15,500 USD
  • - 10,000 USD
  • - 4,750 EUR
  • - 4,700 USD
  • - 4,113 GBP
  • - 3,500 USD
This online income opportunity is not free because you need money to buy the domains itself. It would also take time before you can see the profits from your own domain name but buying domains and developing them can be a good investment opportunity.

People who were able to buy 3-letter domain names with the .com extensions are already partying because of the worth of their domain names which are valued about more than ten times of their original buying price. Remember It was able to fetch a whooping price of $12 million.

If you are looking for an online investment opportunity, check out this domain business thing. Just remember to register your domain name with a reputable domain registrar and choose a very good domain name.

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