Live Conference Meeting with Ian Del Carmen

Last night, we had a 2-hour live conference meeting with Ian Del Carmen. He talked about affiliate marketing, his field of concentration. He stressed the point that affiliate marketing is one of the best online income earner. One do not need huge amount of investment. Many programs including his own are offering affiliate programs for free yet still pays lucratively.

Since some of the attendees are newbies to affiliate marketing, question on how to promote affiliate products were raised. He talked about promoting affiliate products even if you do not own a website. As a summary, Ian del Carmen stated some simple steps. These steps can be used even if you do not own a website.
  1. Place your affiliate link in forum signatures but do not spam.
  2. Place your affiliate link in the signature of your emails when you send messages to your friends and acquaintances. Emails are viral in form and forwarded from one email address to another.
  3. FFAs and safelists are not recommended because conversion rate is poor and sometimes , people forgot that they signed-up for the safelists or FFAs. If it's the only way, use a redirect program.
  4. Use free classified ads.
If you plan on putting up some simple sites yet you do not have extra money to put up one, use available free sites like blogs and free hosting.

To know more about Ian del Carmen, he is known as "The Fireball" in the affiliate marketing mainstream. He is one of the many Filipinos who can claim success when we talk about earning an income online in terms of affiliate marketing. His mentor is another Filipino, Joel Christoper - The Masterlist Builder who is also a considered guru in his own terms.

It's my second time to attend an online conference with him. And as usual, some bonuses were given to us.... clap... clap :D

Actually, Ian del Carmen has given me more than these bonuses. He has given a chance to try my hands on affiliate marketing using his successful business. I hope that one of these days, I'll be able to return the favor he has given me by being successful, too :)

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Ian del Carmen said…
I appreciate it! Thanks! :)

Ian del Carmen

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