Marketiva Live Trading Update

Well, it's monday morning again, first monday of April. I had to force myself to wake-up early. Why? Because I had to check my open Marketiva live trades. I had a floating loss of $16 when the market closed for the weekend. I am glad it's now down to a floating loss of $14.

Since my last update, I was able to close 12 trades, all in profit. For now, I can't open any trades as it would put my account at risk. I am already using 13% of my funds. I want to keep it at 10% to have a big cushion in case there are big movements in the market. My funds have not doubled but I have gained more than what I can earn using traditional savings method with my small capital.

I'd really like to make it good in forex and plan to take some tutorial lessons from some "experts" at Marketiva. I made this resolution after the forex club that I joined failed on the member's expectations. That's a costly lesson. I just hope the club will recover it's losses soon. I just don't know how it can be done with very little pool money left. Nope, the club did not use Marketiva. It's not the broker that led to the loss but the trader himself who did not stick to the guidelines of forex trading.

That's for monday morning update on forex ventures. Back to sleep for now. :)

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