More Income from ShutterStock

ShutterStock has made its way to success by providing quality and amazing images to everyone. It has consistently been giving additional income directly and indirectly to many internet users, mostly (wannabe) photographers (like me) and web designers (like me, too :D).

Here is a good news for all ShutterStock submitters. Just so I wouldn't miss anything, I am posting a part of the latest ShutterStock newsletter.

.... we are delighted to announce an increase in your payout rate. It works like this:
  • If you have earned $500 in sales from Shutterstock, we will increase your payment per Standard License download to 30¢ per download. This is a raise of 5¢ (20%) per download and will go into effect May 1st, 2007.

  • If you have not yet reached this point, the current payout of 25¢ per download will remain in force. At midnight on the day on which your earnings hit $500, you will automatically be upgraded in our system to the higher rate, and that rate will apply going forward.
Of course, the fastest way to qualify for the higher rate is to submit even more high-quality images. Our subscribers can't wait to see them...

It is our pleasure to offer this increase--it's our way of thanking you again for your support, loyalty and, above all, your fantastic images. Please keep them coming!



There, it's additional passive income of $0.05 per image download when you reach the pay-out of $500. Upload your quality images, forget it and wait for your income. It's another free and paying opportunity for us.

By the way, the photo is a view of Mayon Volcano and it was taken before its recent eruption.

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