Registerfly Business Update

Today should have been the day Registefly is supposed to lose its ICANN-registered status as domain registrar but according to ICANN, Registerfly decided to challenge the termination issued by ICANN. The challenge will give Registerfly another 30 days to hold to its status.

Because of this, negative reactions were received from many domain owners. I should say I am one of them as I still have few dollars on my Registerfly account. It's good that I was able to transfer all my domains to several registrars.

I say again, Registerfly is a good business considering the many clients they have, earning quite a sizable money. But, it has turned sour because of poor money management.

If you are Kevin Medina of Registerfly, would you have done better?

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Jaypee said…
Hi Fleur,

Thanks for visiting my blog and for the kind words. Have a nice day! :)
Fleur said…
You're welcome and thank you, too.
Do drop by more often :)

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