View From My Window

Earning money online can take many forms and attitude of people towards the subject vary. Some take it seriously while some do it to while away time or just to have fun. I do both, at times. It's fun for me when I join contests and I can proudly say it's really fun to win contests - banner designs, most number of posts, most number of referrals, most active member, etc - winning a few bucks and/or domain names. Some domains were not awarded though :( those are the times when it's not fun at all.

Today, I just want to have some fun again - a one-time shot to owning a digital camera from FuelMyBlog courtesy of Sportingo. The contest is entitled View From My Window and my entry is an image taken from one of the windows at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Tower. Wishing luck to myself while looking through the window.

View From My Window

Darkness is setting in. While reflecting, there it is, above the smog covering Tokyo City is a reflection of my viewing window. Below is the evidence of how crowded our world yet in the middle is a place that survived the changes. How long will it be before that little paradise will just be an image to serve as a window to a beautiful place in the past?

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I enjoyed your photo. I think it is very interesting.
Fleur said…
Thanks for the nice words. :)
Drew said…
Very nice image. I love this competition. So many good entries.
Fleur said…
Yes, I agree with you. There are many interesting and beautiful entries, like postcards that I'd love to send to friends :)

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