E-Gold Chaos

I've been using e-gold for more than a year now. In fact, e-gold is the primary e-currency I've used so far. It has lesser restrictions and it is available to any nation in the world. It is where I received my first online earnings.

Then, came next is Stormpay. Unfortunately, Stormpay shock the online business world when - barely 3 months in my online earning - started charging back payments and collapsed causing losses to many people.

The previous weeks were guess-what's-next for e-gold users. Many people including me are hoping e-gold will survive the recent chaos with the US government. It started with monitoring what country the user is residing. Next was the IP problem. We were not able to access our accounts because of some error messages concerning our IPS. Then, e-gold users are now encashing their e-gold. Major e-gold exchangers were shut down and can not transfer from account to another. Local currency exchangers started pricing low for all their Buy transactions. Some even stopped accepting Buy orders for fear of not being able to liquidate.

Until now, there are still uncertainty whether e-gold will continue to operate or not. Watch out for more update on e-gold.

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Mark said…
A lot of digital currency users are moving to Pecunix and Webmoney. Neither of these digital currencies allows HYIP or investment type schemes. Webmoney is very large and well accepted around the globe and my personal preference.

Fleur said…
I have not tried using them since there are but few exchangers and users here in our country unlike e-gold. It's just an option though if e-gold won't recover :)

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